DotNetNuke (DNN)

ITworx is very experienced in all facets of the DotNetNuke (DNN) platform. Evoq CMS provides a suite of solutions that make designing, building and managing feature-rich sites and communities fast, easy and cost-effective. The DNN Platform CMS is the foundation for more than one million websites worldwide. DNN Evoq Social, one of the newest out of the box solutions, enables businesses to create immersive, interactive communities. Thousands of organizations like True Value Hardware, Bose, Cornell University, Glacier Water, Dannon, Delphi, USAA, NASCAR, Northern Health and the City of Denver have leveraged DNN to deploy highly engaging business- critical websites .



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Why you should work with ITworx on your next DNN project

ITworx can create DNN sites at a much lower pricepoint than if we were to develop the site from scratch. Our understanding and experience of the right DNN functionality for your business means that you can be up and running with a feature rich, scalable and visually appealing website in next to no time and without breaking the bank. 

Our specialist DNN Evoq skills include: 

  • Website deployment Implementation and codification of a website graphic design into a set of DNN skins 
  • Experience and expertise implementing complex custom functionality using the DNN XMOD Pro module 
  • DNN Evoq website platform upgrades to the latest DNN 7 version 
  • eCommerce and online payments integration with third party Payment Gateways 
  • Implementation of DNN Social (Active Social) functionality on a website 
  • Integration with third party Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. 
  • Conversion of a DNN website design into Twitter Bootstrap mobile responsive design 
  • Specialised resource based website implementations leveraging from the EasyDNN suite of module


Why a CMS and why DNN Evoq?

A small website can be created without the need for a CMS yet can be made to look very professional and modern. As the website expands, the website becomes more and more difficult to manage because every single change requires a HTML expert to code it and most website owners are not HTML experts. This is why Content Management Systems are becoming so popular. Nowadays a website can be designed and developed leveraging from a very extensive list of web CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DotNetNuke. Alternatively, the website can even be completely custom programmed. A CMS platform will typically be used when the website content is to be updated regularly by non-technical (or technical) users. Not all websites require a CMS, e.g. a financial services online tool will likely be completely custom developed without the need for a CMS, as content won’t often change, even though it may be a complex site. A newspaper website will very likely require an enterprise level CMS to allow for the numerous content updates and collaborators, who may not be technically savvy.

There are a number of CMS platforms that run on the PHP language e.g. Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. There are also CMS platforms that are built on the .NET language (Microsoft’s “answer” to PHP and other web languages out there) with the more common CMS platforms being DotNetNuke, Umbraco, Kentico and Orchard.

For the past five years ITworx has specialised in developing with DotNetNuke CMS as:

  • It is a mature platform that has a number of major releases since 2006
  • It has a big community of developers and online resources
  • It is an open source platform with the Community Edition MIT license
  • Functionality can be enhanced by purchasing 3rd party modules
  • Functionality can be further enhanced by purchasing and installing modules that allow a web developer to create completely custom functionality.
  • It is easy to use and manage by non-technical administrators
  • There are over 750,000+ websites running on the DotNetNuke CMS platform worldwide.

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DNN in detail

DNN Evoq helps organisations build and manage content-rich websites, social intranets and online communities. It is the most widely adopted Web Content Management Platform for Microsoft .Net, powering over 750,000+ web sites worldwide. The powerful web application development platform allows businesses to easily customise and extend their desktop and mobile websites.

DNN delivers a robust content management solution with an intuitive, easily understood interface designed for non-technical content contributors. It includes a powerful suite of modules for a wide variety of web development needs. Thousands of additional modules (3rd party modules) can be selected and can be easily installed through a direct connection to the DNN Store.

ITworx is very experienced (over 5 years) in all facets of the DNN platform and has implemented large website projects leveraging the DNN platform capabilities with the ability of ITworx to enhance and customise DNN.

One of the things that makes DNN so powerful is the active and engaged DNN community of developers. The DNN store is a vibrant online hub where 3rd party modules can be bought and implemented to provide additional functionality at a fraction of what it would cost to develop from scratch. Depending on the module, it may be a simple process of installation or it may require configuration by more experienced DNN integrators.