City Switch

Website Improvement


CitySwitch is a high-value no-cost service which assists commercial office tenants improve office energy and waste efficiency through the provision of a range of services. The CitySwitch website is an important tool enabling CitySwitch to serve its member base and to attract new members.

CitySwitch approached ITworx to provide much needed help to improve various aspects of their DNN Website.


The enhancements that CitySwitch was able to achieve by working with ITworx were:

The complete redesign and development of the website to support mobile and tablet devices by implementing the Bootstrap mobile responsive framework for all website DNN skins.

The complete Overhaul of the News, Events and Resources sections of the website by implementing the module EasyDNNnews and configuring it to support a multi-page multi-module layout. CitySwitch was able to display their Events, Resources and News throughout the site all from one central management area, making the process of updating vibrant content very easy for website admin.

Integrated the members’ directory with the CitySwitch Dynamics CRM platform to display real-time member information. This provides valuable exposure to the CitySwitch members where they can advertise their services and offers to other CitySwitch members.


The Benefits that CitySwitch has realised by working with ITworx on their DNN platform has been:

  • More efficient work practices for CitySwitch project officers
  • Greater exposure and collaboration between members of CitySwitch
  • A more effective website driving membership uptake
  • Making the website a powerful sales tool showcasing CitySwitch news, events and resources to their members and potential members

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